Hillrockabilly - Ebbelwine Rag

Hillrockabilly’s Fun & Boozy ‘Ebbelwine Rag’

Hillrockabilly is a Frankfurt, Germany three-piece whose sound comes from a bygone era. They specialize in classic American musical forms like Hillbilly, Rockabilly, Country-Swing, Blues, Bluegrass and Western. Known for both their unique musical vibe and their ability to entertain crowds with witty storytelling and banter, they have performed in theaters, clubs, festivals, parties, radio and television throughout Europe.

The group consists of; Gabbie Awesome (bass and backing vocals), Bobby Terrific (guitar and lead vocals) and Conrad Fabulous (drums, percussion and backing vocals). They pair their groovy stage names with genre and period perfect clothes, hair and attitude. The trio is has reached an even wider audience over the last two years with a string of monthly single releases.

“Ebbelwine Rag” is the latest single from Hillrockabilly, realeases worldwide to all major streaming services on February 25, 2022. ‘Ebbel’ (rhymes with pebble) is the Hessian word for ‘apple.’ Hessian is a dialect spoken in parts of western Germany. The song sings the praises of the legendary apple wine which comes from that region.

In Hessia, Ebbelwine is a national treasure, a lifestyle and a drinking cult, all at the same time. The song is NOT about cider. This is about real Hessian Ebbelwine.


The track rides a Bluesy shuffle recalling a century-old Pop/Jazz sound. Along with guest saxophonist Kerstin Bocks, the trio lays down a fun and boozy groove. Meanwhile, in a style that lands somewhere between Elvis and Roger Miller, Bobby Terrific encourages weary travelers to partake in the titular potable.

Check out “Ebbelwine Rag” below.  You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below (here: in the page header –  Red.) to connect with Hillrockabilly. Get on their socials and join the party.

(Article by Bob Smith, February 26, 2022 – First published on the authors blog  “The Static Drive“)

Ebbelwine Rag

I*m right, you're wrong...

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