Hillrockabilly - Rockabilly Band

The Hillrockabilly Band experience – here is what you get:

  • 100 % original music & lyrics only, high level hillrockabillity as you expect
  • a great show, presented with a slightly southern drawl and hosted by an experienced speaker
  • professional artists with an international reputation
  • Hillrockabilly music means stirring music that will move your heart and hips as well.
  • 89 of 100 people can’t resist the groove, the others just dance
    …what’s about you?


What kind of music does the Hillrockabilly band play?

“Dude, really?”, you may ask. But outside the US people often don’t know what Hillrockabilly music means. So let me explain: Hillrockabilly music describes mostly southern Americana music including Hillbilly, Rockabilly, Country-Swing, Blues, Bluegrass, Western, a fusion of it all and everything else that sounds cool and ranchy. The Hillrockabilly band plays music for hard working people. People that have honestly earned to be entertained with nothing less than the best in their precious spare time.

This is music about life, love, wine, women and song. But also about life tragedies, regrets and how to get back in the saddle. There are stories to be told only life can tell and in a rhythm that moves even hips or hearts but mostly both of them. Songs to laugh and songs to cry. Buckle up buckaroos, this is high energy music or… to say it in just one word: Hillrockabilly.

What is so special about the Hillrockabilly band?

These guys have great experience with live radio, TV, theater and festivals as well. Because of the combination of storytelling, intelligent lyrics and catchy grooving rhythms they are able to entertain party folks and theater crowds at the same time(!), while the moderation always follows the occasion. The European press calls them “genius”, “virtuous” and “charismatic” and the people?

At one of the first gigs during the concert break in a theater, an enthusiastic visitor called her friend on the phone and said “If you really like Americana rockabilly music, you’ll love the Hillrockabilly Band.” There is nothing more to say but enjoy.