• Hillrockabilly @ the green

    Just great music

    Brand new songs straight from the heart. You'll love the Hillrockabilly Americana Show. Feel great with the sound of the oldtime Radio today.

  • get the party started

    Awesome show concepts are gonna rock your needs. Classic rockabilly show, rockabilly swing events and Las Vegas Show 50's style, we have them all. Turn your event into a party. Make your club look and feel like a big night out back in the 50th. We are dancehall proof.

  • new rockabilly swing

    New Rockabilly Swing at its best. With high class stage setups we turn every room into a ballroom. You want to start something special like a royal victorian party? Here we are. This band will perfectly fit in every rockabilly theme party you can guess.

  • just B. terrific

    Elvis meets high roller in this terrific show. If Las Vegas Rockabilly is your thing, you're at the right place. Get in touch with the spirit of the authentical Las Vegas of the 50's. Meet Buddy Holly, the Ventures, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins and many others here in sin city.

Meet Great Americana Music At It's Best

Hillrockabilly is here to play. Hotter, better, wilder than ever before. Check out our new show and stand up to dance the night away. Simply great music is waiting for you. Just come along and get your party started.

The Hillrockabilly Band Experience

The Hillrockabilly Band experience – here is what you get: 100 % original music & lyrics only, high level hillrockabillity

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Hillrockabilly - Ebbelwine Rag

Hillrockabilly’s Fun & Boozy ‘Ebbelwine Rag’

Hillrockabilly’s Fun & Boozy ‘Ebbelwine Rag’ Hillrockabilly is a Frankfurt, Germany three-piece whose sound comes from a bygone

Bluegrass Hillrockabilly - I don't give a dime

Bluegrass-A-Billy by Hillrockabilly

New Bluegrass-A-Billy Release “I don’t give a Dime” Crazy times need crazy songs. Here is the hillrockabilly bluegrass