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hillrockabilly - the royal steampunks

All about our last Action Heroes

As the new rising star at Royalbilly show heaven "Hillrockabilly" defines rockabilly in a new kind of Swing - Rockabilly fusion sound - vintage, but fresh in its definition. Listen to your most favorite 50's songs or experience well known bands like Stray-Cats, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, the Shadows, the Ventures, ABBA, just to name a few, sound moonhowling hillrockabilly. Become acquainted with brandnew "Hillrockabilly" originals or listen to your most loved "Hillrockabilly" populars.

But "Hillrockabilly" not only performs the perhaps hottest music on the planet, the topical "Howling at the Moon" show is presented in a slightly southern slanged english by three remarkable musicians.

Gabbie Awesome (bottom left - bass & backing vocals) , Bobby Terrific (guitar and leadvocals) and Conrad Fabulous (drums, percussion & backing vocals) - often jokingly called "the unbelievable trinity" - live up to the nobility of Rockabilly and take it straight to your heart.

See them play and fight for glory, love and music in the god knows most unusual moonhowling show ever - and please, don't take them too serious...